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Having a Baby in Germany, Part Four: The little lady gets a land

One of the questions we get asked the most about having a baby in German is related to our daughter’s citizenship- is she a US citizen? German? Both? Most assume that our little one was eligible for German or dual citizenship just because she was born here, but that is not the case! Germany does […]

The wait is {FINALLY!} over.

It’s a good day in the Blue Cakes Household. Our never-ending quest to have internet at home in Germany is finally over. Almost 4 months from the day we signed our first internet contract in our new place of dwelling, we are now free to surf as we please from the comfort of our apartment. […]

Who broke the time machine?

We were told that we needed to evacuate for our safety. Fliers were stuffed in our mailbox and signs were posted throughout the city. We were required to be out of our neighborhood by 9:00am sharp on Sunday. And so, when evacuation day arrived we woke up early, packed up our most prized possession, bundled […]

Turning back time.

Fact #1: On Sunday October 31st, I will turn back time. At 3:00am tomorrow we will literally turn back time. 3:00am will become 2:00am and time will start over. It’s a once-a-year chance to relive an hour of our day, or, in my case, take advantage of an extra hour of sleep. This all, of […]

I stole a car today.

Three months ago today I stepped off a plane from the USA and found myself living in Hannover. In order to recap this past month (you can read a recap of our first two months here), I’m going to borrow a little “game” from my childhood. Quite often when I was little, usually over dinner, […]

Show me some ID.

*Warning: reading this blog post without complete committment to all things silly  may lower your GPA. Proceed at your own risk… Last week my dog got his own passport. It’s true. Click here to read more about it if you missed that post. Now before you start thinking that fury little Max is having all […]

Take Two

It’s been over two months since we signed up for home internet and phone service… and we are *still* not set up! Can you believe it? 2 months! has become our new homepage. This past week we decided to try a new approach. We have officially canceled our contract with the DSL internet provider […]

Life is full of waiting. From waiting in line at the grocery store to waiting for a special delivery to come in the mail, to waiting in anticipation for our next vacation, we are constantly waiting for something. My dad likes to say it’s all “Wait-dot-com”. We in the blue cakes household have been doing […]

Misadventures at Ikea, Part 2

After our embarrassing checkout counter experience at IKEA on Monday, we were determined that on our next trip to IKEA things would go better. And they did… almost. Read on… As we discovered that our only option for paying for our IKEA goods was to pay in cash, we started pulling out money from our […]

Misadventures at Ikea…

We have officially been in Germany for one week. Sure, we have explored the city a little and have seen this and that, found a grocery store, etc., etc. But where, oh where, have we frequented the most since our arrival? IKEA! Yes, it’s true. I wish I could give a much swankier answer to […]