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On “Home”.

A couple weeks ago I posed the question “What is “home”?”. I’d like to revisit this idea from time to time over the next few months as Drew and I settle into our new home in Hannover. Today, let’s take a look at some quotations that others have famously spoken on this concept…. You can […]

We’re Off!

9 bags: 4 large suitcases (3 within a half pound of their 50 lb limit and the other within a pound of the “heavy luggage” 70 lb limit); 2 rolling carry-on bags (both slightly over the weight limit), 2 “personal bags” (also over the limit); 1 doggie duffel bag…. and we are packed! Finger’s crossed […]

Last Stop: Chicago

We are currently spending time with Drew’s parents at their condo in Chicago, our last stopover location before we head to Germany. In less than 24 hours Drew and I will be on a plane and on our way to Hannover! Woah. The past three weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye. […]

Our penthouse treehouse…

After a long and stressful apartment search, we have finally settled on a place to make our home in Hannover; and (even better) the landlord agreed to rent to us! We finalized the details of our this past week. Isn’t that exciting? It sure is for us! We had to make a few sacrifices from […]

In Transit. What is “home”?

At the moment Drew and I are in transit. We are in between apartments. Neither here nor there. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of home lately. What is “home” and where is my “home”? Part of me still feels like it is in California and yet I know that we have […]

Next Stop!

2 plane trips down, 2 more plane trips to go until we arrive in Hannover! Today we flew to Milwaukee, WI- the second of five stop-over locations we will visit before we head out for Germany. Getting a little closer every day…

Hello From Arizona!

It’s official- Drew, Maxwell, and I have left California. Our flight took off Thursday morning, and, despite some teary goodbyes (leaving friends sucks!), it was a relatively uneventful trip. We are currently hanging out in sunny Arizona spending time with my Dad and Grandma. Our days thus far have been filled by splashing around in […]

On it’s way…

2 days. 2 professional movers. 12 rolls of packing tape. 82 boxes. 1 bright yellow 20-foot container. And our stuff is off! Bon Voyage belongings- we will meet you in Germany!

“Sichere Fahrt”

We have the best friends ever. This past weekend a group of our closest friends threw us a fabulous going-away party. “Sichere Fahrt” they wished us; which, besides being a hilarious phrase for us English speakers, is apparently supposed to be the German equivalent of “Bon Voyage”- at least it is according to Google Translate. […]

Woah. Here we go…

Today when I got home from having breakfast with a friend I noticed that signs had been posted to reserve the parking spots that will be needed for our moving van on Monday… Holy macoroni and cheese we leave California in less than a week! And our movers come to pack us up in only […]